School Parliament and Class Councils

At our school we want to involve the children in every aspect of their school communicty. That is why we have a school parliament at the OVS-Kaisermühlen along with a class council in every class.

The school parliament and the class council support the school in:

  • understanding democracy,

  • the self-competence of the children,

  • the strengthening of the class community,

  • the reflection of the class climate.

Our school motto "feeling comfortable in the school building" is also intended to contribute to a friendly interaction within the class community and within the school community through the school parliament.
A positive culture of discussion as well as a democratic opinion-forming process should develop among the children.
The children are to be involved in school decision-making and the further development of the school.
Since the school parliament cannot be implemented as usual in the current situation, democratic and participatory participation in school life will be transferred to the class council.

Learning, experiencing and living democracy

At our school we carry out the successful concept of the student parliament, which comes from democracy education.The aim is to make it possible for the children to experience democratic coexistence.
Once a month, the class representatives meet with the director and discuss important topics that are of concern to the children.For example, the games of various school festivals are determined or new rules for the breaks between lessons are agreed upon. Through the school parliament, the pupils, as future co-designers of our society, gain insight into political structures and processes.