Plan of the safest way to get to school

To ensure that your child gets to and from school safely, there is a special school route plan which shows the best way and also provides tips to ensure the safety of your child.


You can download this plan HERE .

Please practice the way your child will come to school with them. The present school route plan offers you guidance, especially with regard to traffic and crossing the street safely. However, since it is not possible to deal with every individual school route, we ask you as parents to identify any further situations that may prove problematic and practice meeting them safely with your child.

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Teacher- Parents translation helper

Multi Language folder




Dear parents!

Providing children with a good education in order to give them the best opportunities for their future is a concern that is equally important to parents and educators. It is therefore of great importance that parents and school work closely together.

An essential prerequisite for this is a good and smoothly functioning communication.

The School ABC is a collection of the most important newsletters from the newsletters of elementary school students. So that all parents can easily understand what their child needs at school or what important dates they should be aware of, these messages have been translated and supplemented with a small dictionary that contains translations of the most important terms of everyday school life.

The school ABC is intended to help educators and parents - in the interest of all - to better understand one another and thus actively promote the learning success of the children!



Mom learns German

Multilingual Folder "Mom Learns German!":750 KB PDF (Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian, Chinese, German, English, Farsi, Hindi, Russian, Turkish)