The VBS System

Our school is one of only a handful of schools in Vienna offering quality, bilingual, public education.

Each grade has an Austrian class teacher and a qualified and experienced English native speaker teacher. The children receive instruction in both German and English across the curriculum and we foster a truly bilingual and international environment. 

The class is split into two language groups according to the child’s individual language strength and receives first and second language instruction. As the teachers are only working with half the class at a time, it gives them the opportunity to really individualise instruction for the specific needs of each child.

Two additional hours of whole class instruction (science, maths, or music for example), are taught in English, and the remaining lessons are in German. The VBS system adheres to the Austrian curriculum.

Children applying for the program should speak either English or German fluently and have a strong grasp of the second language. Many of our VBS children have one English speaking and one German speaking parent, or have attended a kindergarten where they have learned the second language to a high level.

You can find further information regarding the program here. Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitated to contact the school, attend our open day or organize a visit.