Composite Class (MSK)

Our composite class

In the composite class (MSK) children from the 1st to the 4th grade learn, play and laugh together.
Our motto is "learning with and from each other".
In our daily free work we learn using Montessori principles.
In addition to letter boxes for the first grade, multiplication tables for the second grade and spelling drawers for the third and fourth grades, the children have access to a variety of materials for development and practice. Even the children in the first grade are very successful in choosing the materials that suit them.
The MSK is of course also a GEPS class. The daily English lesson with our native speaker teacher is really fun for all of us and we learn a lot!
Social learning is also very important to us. In our "Child of the Week" project, a different child is allowed to be the focus of attention every week and is then given a farewell compliment from each child.

General Information

General information on the composite class

In a multi-level class, children are taught from the pre-school level to the fourth grade in a class group.
On the website of the Vienna Education Board you will find the complete official description of the school trial project  "Multi-grade class with a reform pedagogical focus".


Our composite class

In the multi-level class, children from the 1st to the 4th school year are taught together. German, mathematics and general studies teaching takes place in open learning phases, supervised by two female teachers and one native English speaker. In this way, the children can be individually encouraged and challenged according to their abilities and strengths. The composite classes are also led with a natural science focus, where the children are introduced to research and experimentation. Three newly equipped classrooms are available to the pupils. Our motto is: "Learning from each other, working together and living for each other" by P.Petersen.