Our GEPS (Global Education Primary School) classes incorporate a daily hour of English language instruction from a native speaking English teacher into the timetable. The lessons take place across the curriculum and focus on Content Language Integrate Learning (CLIL) where the children learn about a topic in a second language.

The focus is on communication, and foreign language acquisition in a fun, non-stressful environment. The children become accustomed to learning in English, learn vocabulary and phrases and in the 3rd and 4th class, start reading and writing, often in small groups. By the fourth grade, many of our children not only have a solid basis in English, but perhaps more importantly enjoy language learning. This is a huge advantage for them as they progress to the next stage of schooling.

In addition, our school has four bilingual (VBS) classes. As the children mix,  play and learn together, communication in English takes on a real-world application: it’s not just something we learn in class.

An additional advantage of the GEPS system is that all the children are learning a new language together. This gives children, whose mother tongue is not German, a chance to shine.

Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitated to contact the school, attend our open day or organize a visit.