VBS3's Insect Hotels

After learning about insects and their importance for our ecosystem, VBS3 built two insect hotels for our school. This project was made possible with the help of enthusiastic parent volunteers, and we could not be more excited about the results. We cannot wait to see which insects come to stay this winter!


Ringstraßenvernissage by VBS4

On November 5, 2019 the Ringstraßenvernissage by VBS 4 took place in the OVS Schüttaustrasse.

On display were seven Ringstraßen-buildings, which were handcrafted by the pupils of VBS 4.

On the occasion of the open-door day, interested parents could visit the successful exhibition.


Houses Around the World Presentations

Today, VBS1 met in Zoom to present our 'Houses Around the World' projects.


As we couldn't do it at school, we met online to explain our posters and presentations to our classmates. It was so great to see each other after not being at school for so long, even if it was 'virtual'.


We have been learning about houses at school, and because we come from all over the world, we wanted to share information about what houses are like in the countries where our families are from. We looked at architectural and design features, building materials and how dwellings are adapted to suit the climate. You can see some of our wonderful posters here.

Letters to and from the Mayor of Vienna

VBS2 brainstormed what could make our city even better and wrote letters to Mayor Ludwig with our requests. We were so excited to read his response! Take a look at our ideas and his thoughtful answer below.