Fees for Supervision, Lunch and afternoon snack: ~€ 11 per day

Kindly note: fees are determined annually by the responsible government department - MA 56.

Reductions based on income are evaluated and awarded by the Jugendamt (Child services department).

You can obtain the application form for fee reduction from the school office or download it below.

OVS Kaisermuehlen Aftercare Program

The OVS Kaisermühlen offers your child the opportunity to spend the afternoon at school.

Once school has finished, the children are looked after by their aftercare teacher. from BIM.

They receive a warm meal in the school dining room.

Afterwards our students do their homework in the learning lesson, where they are supported by teachers from the school.

In the free time that follows, the children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, as well as having play time.

The afternoon care is subject to a fee.